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Before you can a database, it must first be created in your panel. As a security precaution, a database can only be created within the panel on the (Panel > ‘Goodies’ > ‘ Databases’) page.

Posts: 2 Joined: Nov 2010. Cannot get file through . Hey there, I keep receiving this annoying error from the program I am using wneh trying to my 160MB database into DB:”No such file or directory”.

can be a great place keep automatic backups of databases.

STEP 2. Move data from “” to “”. Option 1: to and Dump and Load from *nix* cli (one step) Source: http

. Thanks much, I have tried phpmyadmin, with no luck. I tried through and had no luck either. My connection was killed while in the process of .

Заходим в : -uLogin -pPassword (вместо Login и Password вводим данные для авторизации пользователя БД).

If the .sql file you’re trying to is larger than phpMyAdmin allows, the only other option is to via .

I get to “Upload the public key to your home directory. After you’ve generated the key and copied it to the server, you’ll need to and append the key to authorized_keys with the following command.

Posts: 10 Joined: Jul 2007. Help database through . I’m trying to copy a database from one

Managing existing databases. The following instructions assume you have already created a database in the panel.