reg-123 mail



Most sent through the – Servers is forwarded to other providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. As this is a shared service…

Ok, so if your ‘MX records’ are set to ‘- ’ then this means your domain is pointing to – and you should be able to send and receive using your – account on webmail.

We recommend using Outlook for Exchange however a number of other clients also support this Microsoft based protocol. When you buy services from …

forwarding is a service offer free of charge to all our customers. It means an sent to one address can be bounced to another without being stored on our servers.

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Now enter into the Incoming server field and into the outgoing

Learn how to get started with your – account, and then how to configure items such as the spam filter to suit your needs.

To be specific you could set up contact@your— and have any sent to that address sent to yourname@3rd-party–

Here you should check that your incoming server matches the account type; so if you have an IMAP account type, your server should be

For this will be Now enter your User Name. This is just the