export contacts from 123-reg webmail



This section will explain how to create a new in – . Creating is a great way to store the information of the people you regularly email, so you do not have to remember dozens of email addresses.

– is an advanced email solution that simplifies your difficult life by helping you to manage all of your day-to-day activities from one central and easily accessible location. It is a based client that allows you to manage your emails, calendars, and task lists.

You may also need to your ISP to ask if their policy is to block use of a 3rd party SMTP server.

This section will explain how you can compose a new email within 123-. Writing and sending an email is a key component of any service, and the platform allows you to do this with ease…

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• With you can access email sent to your domain almost anywhere in the world. •

If they are set to ‘an external email service’ then you will need to change this to ‘- ’.

Getting started with – guide. How do I import a CSV file? How do I use the 123- InfoStore Feature? How do I sync my 123- with my iPhone?