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My WordPress host on share hosting, it’s superexcellence, but, you know, has the 7M upload filesize limit, so I can’t do something.

So, you would need to edit your httpd.conf and use LimitRequestBody to set it (meaning you’d also need a VPS or dedicated server with us). Please see the top answer here with the solution for Apache: Rails upload limit.

I kept getting ” upload : 7MB”. I read abunch of articles about php.ini in wp-admin and ini_set but nothing worked except this article: Sounded a little scary but was super easy and worked great! http

When I try to upload to my server the can’t be over 7-8mb. I know these are the standards for but it’s just too less for my website.

If you host your domain at , you have a default upload of only 7 MB. This is unfortunate, for example if you want to upload your high-resolution photos or videos.

I am using shared hosting running PHP 5.4 and I am trying to increase the upload limit to 1 GB. I try to achieve that by using .user.ini and putting the following: upload__filesize = 1024M post__ = 1024M.

Changing . You’ll have to do it in your subdomain since your subdomain is a separate website from your main domain.

Is it possible to raise the upload limit for my WordPress installation? What’s the best to achieve this? ini_set? .htaccess?

…setup the policy document, I would like to use “starts-with” to restrict accepted to jpeg, png and pdf, also I would like to restrict the using “content-length-range”, but I

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