dreamhost add domain alias



Delete All Email Accounts. Email Filter(s) with MXRoute for Plus .

a in Plesk 11.5. A will allow you to show the same website content for multiple . The alternate will remain in the URL (in the address bar of your browser).

When you a , everyone in your gets another address at the . In the example below, .com was as a to the work.com. This gives Maria, John, and all other users an address at each .

Every hosting plan includes unlimited email that forward like this. With this you can keep checking email sent to your hosted through whatever email account you already have set up. Please note that when you or change it can take 1-2 hours for them to go live on our…

To a as an , the email hosting status should be disabled for the . Only the email hosting disabled will be displayed in the drop down to configure .

allow you to point several names to the same website. This can be useful, for example, for branding purposes. To set up a in Plesk: Go to Websites & and run the wizard.

are additional you may to your G Suite account at no additional cost. These may be used to send and receive email.

Click /remove > a or a . Choose how to the : Which should I choose? a of primary–name: This gives everyone in your primary an email address at the .

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