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This is a feature in 1.2. MySQL Subdomain, Database, and Database User.

Visit ’s Hosting page and choose the right plan for you. Most beginners opt for Shared Hosting.

a , empty domain directory with the same directory name as the old one.

first ventured into the managed hosting market back in mid-2013, with a service dubbed DreamPress.

If your is hosted on , you would log in and go to Dashboard -> Goodies -> MySQL Databases -> PHPMyAdmin.

Now you need to install on your and pages on that .

. Menu. Builder. Hosting.

If your current is large and growing or your goal is to a sizeable , you don’t want to be given

At , it’s free with all our plans. If you haven’t your yet, you’ll want to choose a host that’s reliable and has a reputation for excellent

Great progress! I a user on as SFTP, then I took one of my HTML (not ) and switched it over to the SFTP user. Everything worked fine, as I expected.