copy of your 123-reg invoice



I have received hundreds of these today , currently ~850 ( luckily ClamAv on the mail server has recognised them and quarantined them. The email looks like: From: Date: Wed 19/04/2017 12:29. Subject: – ( 123-230044839 ).

Published 12 May 2015 9:52 am at 1274 × 954 in – ( 123-015309323 ) – word doc or excel xls spreadsheet malware.

Through – Control Panel, you can view your entire history.

Simply visit our – Support Centre and click on the Ask a Question tab. Thank you for choosing -. The – team. 123-728728734–.pdf.

An email with the subject of – ( 123-230044839 ) [random numbers] pretending to come from with a malicious pdf attachment that contains an embedded word doc delivers Dridex banking Trojan.

– ( 123-520183664 ). Expand Messages.

How can I view my – account history and ? How do I renew a service?

Recently spotted Dridex engagement contained PDF files as the carrier. Attachment contained or payment receipt. Subject line is “

– ( 123-015309323 ) pretending to come from with a malicious word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet attachment is another one from the current bot runs which try to download various Trojans and password stealers especially banking credential…