550 this domain is not hosted here 123-reg



im getting too, with forwarding to my googlemail address. was yours working previously?

FAQ will help you to point your – name to a 3rd party website. The below video and step by step instructions show you how you can point your name to a website elsewhere.

Im gonna reset everything back to default on . I am going to change ” A record on – to point to my clients site on Bluehost server.”

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Ok, so when you’re ready to connect your name to your website, simply log into your – control panel. Select your name and then click on manage.

The problem: ! There was actually nothing I could do to prevent severe downtime. It wasn’t an issue with , or DNS…

Add to basket – View suggestions. No Such User . 100+.

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you should check that your incoming mail server matches the account type; so if you have an

You will now need to map the 3rd party name to your – package. To do , you will need to log into your – control panel. In the webhosting section click on the word manage just .