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Why choose ? You’ll be in good company – our services are used by over 1 million UK .

With ‘s hosting, you can create personalised addresses to show clients you’re trustworthy and professional.

Hosting. Host your business on our award-winning platform. “Running our using gives me peace of mind, knowing it will be fast and reliable.”

Login to – then attempt to send the same , if you can send from our – service this usually indicates a local issue with your network / computer or client.

That’s it, your password has now been changed and you can use this new password to log into your 123- account using .

– comes with the feature which will save the address of any one you send to, or receive from, if they aren’t already in your contacts list.

Stay signed in. Forgot your password? . Back to sign in.

• With you can access sent to your domain almost anywhere in the world. • This is quite similar to Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and offers all the standard features you would expect from an client like

Ok, so if your ‘MX records’ are set to ‘- ’ then this means your domain is pointing to 123- and you should be able to send and receive using your 123- account on .

Why choose ? With over 1 million UK using our services every day, you’ll be in good company.