123-reg transfer domain



A collection of articles explaining name and statuses with -.

Name prices. We sell some of the UK’s cheapest . . Find out how to move to . Privacy. Hide your details with private registrations. Generic top level . Get a distinctive extension that works for you.

third party names to -. Understanding . Why was my canceled?

Enter the name you wish to into the search box in your – control panel and order your (you will need a – account).

To a TLD name away from -, you will need to follow these instructions: Your Authorisation/EPP code will be sent to the admin contact of the name.

If you are your name from one of your – accounts into another, then this is called an ‘internal’ . You will see the ‘accept’ and ‘cancel’ options in the status section next to the name you are in.

This allows you to your between different accounts – perfect if you want to hand over the management of a to a client, or another member of your business.

it to and then attach it to your package. Most companies will allow you to , and we have a detailed guide on names. You will need to wait for the to complete before you purchase your hosting…

Name prices. We sell some of the UK’s cheapest . No hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay. . Find out how to move to .

With bulk or bulk registration, you can register multiple or your current ones to so easily.