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To purchase your own ‘’ certificate and for more information on how to install one on your own website, check out our range of ‘’ certificates on the – website.

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Certificates. Keep your visitors and protect your data.

Please note: During the order process, if you are purchasing an certificate to use in conjunction with a – hosting package…

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When ordering an certificate you will need to provide a Certificate Signing Request or CSR as part of the process, to create a CSR using the – generation tool follow the steps below.

Once on the – website choose the type of certificate you wish to purchase then click on the Buy Now button. 7. Click on Yes and log into your – account.

50% off ’s Terms and Conditions. The 50% off any promotion is available to all new and existing Clients that wish to register any through (the Offer).

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Your – certificate entitles you to use site seal on your website. Using an instantly recognisable badge, site seal confirms that your site is protected by a certificate.