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The newly created sets a for your domain, telling mail servers across the Internet that emails sent from the addresses associated with your domain should only be accepted if these have been relayed using the – and Google mail servers.

Let’s begin creating your cname . So first you’ll need to be logged into your – control panel. Scroll down to the domain name section and select your domain name using the drop-down menu.

also known as .

This support article from – will provide you information on what are the MX and Server Bounce backs.

After registering this domain over at -.co.uk I went about the usual business of setting up sub-domains, whois details and e-mail. This, however, was this first time I’d used their control panel to set up and ID DNS .

Guide to Edit Your – .

A () is used for identifying which mail servers are allowed to send email in behalf of your domain.

ns2.-.co.uk. If the domain is not pointed to the – nameservers, you will be unable to manage them from the – control panel.

An allows you to specify IP addresses that are legitimately allowed to send email for your domain name.