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In circumstances where your usual e- client software is not connecting to the – server to send emails…

Click here to find out how to login to – web . Email Client Issues. Check that you have entered the correct outgoing server: .-.co.uk.

Outgoing Server: .-.co.uk. Outgoing Port Number with SSL/TLS (Any certificate): 465. Once you have entered these details, save and retest.

Step ten: Enter .-.co.uk into the server field. Set the port to 465. Now enter the username which is the email address you are adding and the password for that email address.

One of the most common reasons for users not being able to send email is because their ‘Internet service provider’ is blocking the – ‘’ outgoing settings…

– offers secure POP, IMAP and connections with our boxes. When using standard services…

This article explains how to use the telnet command in your command prompt console to establish whether your e- account can send emails via the the – server.

Webmail • With Webmail you can access email sent to your domain almost anywhere in the world. •

Results summary for .-.co.UK: Unfortunately we did not receive a 200 OK HTTP status code as a response.

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