123-reg smtp server port



Email Client Issues. Check that you have entered the correct outgoing : .-.co.uk.

Please note: If you are using -‘s to send outgoing email, authentication must be turned on in your email client. You will need to edit the settings for your email account in your email client to turn this feature on.

Step ten: Enter .-.co.uk into the field. Set the to 465. Now enter the username which is the email address you are adding and the password for that email address.

– offers secure POP, IMAP and connections with our boxes.

Account; pophost.-.co.uk.co.uk .-.co.uk.’ , response ‘250 HELP’ ; 25, Secure (SSL) Yes, Error 250, error number 0x800CCC7D.’ Solution.

Analyzing search terms , we list the most popular A-Z keywords.As it’s free , we sincerely invite you to be a registered user to view the data

The Outgoing setting is .-.co.uk. Make sure to input your full email address into the Username field.

Are you using the ?

Even though we provide you with our setting, some internet providers block emails which are being sent through our , so it’s a good

Incoming email : imap.-.co.uk. Incoming secure/SSL option: ON/OFF. Incoming number: 993/143.