123-reg smtp port



Step ten: Enter .-.co.uk into the server field. Set the to 465. Now enter the username which is the email address you are adding and the password for that email address.

Email Client Issues. Check that you have entered the correct outgoing server: .-.co.uk.

One of the most common reasons for users not being able to send email is because their ‘Internet service provider’ is blocking the – ‘’ outgoing settings, or the which the email is being sent through.

Account; pophost.-.co.uk.co.uk Server .-.co.uk.’ , server response ‘250 HELP’ ; 25, Secure (SSL) Yes, Server Error 250, error number 0x800CCC7D.’ Solution.

– offers secure POP, IMAP and connections with our boxes.

This article will explain why you can’t use the – server. The below instructions will show you how to upgrade your old pophost mailbox to the new mailboxes, allowing you to use the server.

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For each successful command you issue, the server a return the message. telnet .-.co.uk 25 220 6.atlas.pipex.net ESMTP Exim 4.71 – “ATLAS Service” Wed, 13 Jul 201 1 10

The Host Name for this is .-.co.uk. The User Name is your email address again and the Password is your email address password.

The Outgoing server setting is .-.co.uk. Make sure to input your full email address into the Username field.