123-reg settings



Step three: Select the option Manually configure server or additional server types and then click the Next button.

If your nameserver read ‘ns.-.co.uk’ and ‘ns2.-.co.uk’, then this means your nameservers are already set to -…

The difference between email forwarding and a – mailbox.

Great, so once these nameserver are changed your – domain name will point to your 3rd party website.

For this will be imap.-.co.uk

I have purchased – Online Shop, what next?

Now take a step back and click on the Outgoing server . Your details should be: Outgoing Server: smtp.-.co.uk.

up your 123-mail account on iPhone can be easily done by following the examples provided below. You can use these to add any email address from – on your iPhone.

But before you begin one up, we have an important note. Please be aware that you cannot use an existing mailbox which you already have set up with , as an email forwarder.

Email Client Issues. Check that you have entered the correct outgoing mail server: smtp.-.co.uk. Ensure that the options for My server requires authentication and Use same as my incoming…