123-reg set up email



This will make it possible for you to receive from your mailbox.

*If you have a address and use 123-webmail to view your , but also wish to view them in your 3rd party client, then click here to learn how to do this. Please also note: that when you reply to an , the address that you send the from will be shown…

Once you have your domain name with you can use that domain name to addresses which can be used for sending messages to you clients – existing and potential and communicating with anybody you like.

This video will show you step by step how to your – mailbox within Windows Live.

an account using Windows 10 .

your 123- account on iPhone can be easily done by following the examples provided below. You can use these settings to add any address from – on your iPhone. To configure your account on iPhone, please do the following

How to with Outlook.com. Server Settings. How do I use secure on my – account.

So let’s see how to a catch-all address. To start, log into your control panel. Scroll down to the ‘’ section and click on ‘Manage .’

Your domain’s nameservers could be one of the reasons why you are having trouble with your on ‘- webmail’, so let’s check to see they are correctly. To have a look at your nameserver settings, first you’ll need to log into your ‘- control panel’.

– Webmail comes with the feature which will save the address of any one you send to, or receive from, if they aren’t already in your contacts list.