123-reg nameservers ip address



A zone file is made up of ‘records’ such as A Records and MX Records. This record is used to point your domain at an .

So for this method, you will need to ensure that your domain is set to -’s .

This article will help you setup custom on – running Plesk.

Enter your records, for example the – are: ns.-.co.uk and ns2.-.co.uk. Click on the Change

Pointing a domain to a VPS . This article applies to Webfusion VPS .

This article will explain what private are and how you can set up private on your – domain name.

Once you’ve changed your to – you may need to map your domain to your website.

Your own memorable, branded email . Manage your emails from any device. Compatible with all email clients.

Outgoing : smtp.-.co.uk. Outgoing Port Number with SSL/TLS (Any certificate): 465.