123-reg mysql remote access



Article deals with allowing -server from machines. Examples for GRANT from multiple IP’s and REVOKE are given.

Transfering from -.co.uk.

Some 1&1 dedicated Root servers may come with the disabled. If you would like to enable this , it is done at your own risk and 1&1 assumes no responsibility for any damages as a result of enabling this .

grant all privileges on *.* to remoteuser@… identified by “userpassword”

SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@’xx.xx.xx.xx’ = PASSWORD(‘abc’)

A reader and – hosting customer got in touch over the issue after failing to get action directly from the hosting firm over the problem, which he claimed had first surfaced in March. The issue relates to databases using phpMyAdmin.

Heliohost is at number 3 in my list , its is web hosting provider company that provides to their users , it is completely free.

grant of database from any IP address. 1. : How do I GRANT SELECT on a demo database to all users.

Creating Private Nameservers at -.co.uk.

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