123-reg mail server



How do I set up my domain name to point to my own ? This FAQ will explain how you can point your domain name to your .

To use our new outgoing , you must upgrade your (old) popbox to a new – mailbox.

Most sent through the – is forwarded to other providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. As this is a shared service, there are a few external factors that can impact of the ’s performance.

Outgoing : smtp.-.co.uk. Outgoing Port Number with SSL/TLS (Any certificate): 465.

With ‘s hosting, you can create personalised addresses to show clients you’re trustworthy and professional.

One special MX Record feature is priority numbers, which provide information to the querying about which should be used first.

MX records also known as a exchanger record are used to direct to the correct . Please Note: – only supports the following DNS types: A, CNAME, TXT, SPF and MX. A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain name, for example…

Step six: Ok you can now choose between POP3 and IMAP, to find out more about the difference between these protocols check out the video here. We recommend however that you use IMAP so let’s select that. Now enter imap.-.co.uk into the Incoming field and…

Another special feature is that only domains may be entered for . An entry referencing an IP results in an error. -‘s are configured to check to see if is coming from a Smart Host …

New to . POP3 vs IMAP, which one should you choose? What is 123-?