123-reg iphone email setup



Outgoing server: smtp.-.co.uk. Outgoing server secure/SSL option: ON/OFF. Outgoing port number: 465/25.

How do I – mobility on my ?

How to an IMAP account on your With on 4, wherever you go, your goes too. works with popular providers. This article will explain how to – with your Windows device.

6. on mobile devices – on an – on a BlackBerry. 7. forwarding – What is forwarding?

I have changed my password, but now cannot send from my or iPad. POP3 Troubleshooting. How can I send and recieve when abroad?

Step one: Grab your and tap on the icon. Step two: Scroll down and tap on , Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account, Other and then Add Account. This article will explain how to with your Windows device.

To be specific you could contact@your—domain.com and have any sent to that address sent to yourname@3rd-party–address.com.

We ask that you your again for your client and mobile devices using the IMAP protocols, which means your incoming server address to imap.-.co.uk.

Open the Account menu from the File menu, and then select the Address tab and click on the change button. Here you should check that your incoming server matches the account type; so if you have an IMAP account type, your server should be imap.-.co.uk.

If your nameserver read ‘ns.-.co.uk’ and ‘ns2.-.co.uk’, then this means your nameservers are already to -, so it may be best to have a look at some of the other video solutions to help you with your issues.