123-reg incoming mail server settings



. Host Name: If you selected POP in step 10: pop.-.co.uk If you selected IMAP in step 10: imap.-.co.uk.

Client Issues. Check that you have entered the correct outgoing : smtp.-.co.uk. Ensure that the options for My requires authentication and Use same as my are enabled.

We recommend however that you use IMAP so let’s select that. Now enter imap.-.co.uk into the field and

If they are set to ‘an external service’ then you will need to change this to ‘- ’.

Step six: Once the have verified make sure is switched on and then tap Save. Well that’s it; if you now tap on you will see your mailbox added and will be able to start sending and receiving straight away.

The is pop.-.co.uk.

: POP3: pop.-.co.uk.

up your 123- account on iPhone can be easily done by following the examples provided below.

the account in Outlook – set to: pop.-.co.uk, outgoing to: smtp.-.co.uk, also make sure the ‘My outgoing (SMTP) requires authentication’ option is on (use same as ).

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