123-reg imap settings for iphone



You can use these to add any email address from – on your . To configure your account on , please do the following

For • Mail account type: • Incoming mail server (): .-.co.uk • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.-.co.uk.

We ask that you set up your email again for your email client and mobile devices using the protocols, which means your incoming server address to .-.co.uk.

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The Incoming server is .-.co.uk.

How to an email account on your With Mail on 4, wherever you go, your email goes too. works with popular email providers. This article will explain how to – email with your Windows device.

Ensure that the account type matches the server ; so a POP account will have the server pop.-.co.uk, and an account will have .-.co.uk.

Changing from your hosting provider’s nameservers to -’s could result in your 3rd party hosted website going offline.

How to an email account on your .

Login to – web mail in order to receive emails, if you can receive emails from our