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When you buy services from , we don’t offer support for all these programs, but we’ll give you all the settings you need to get started.

Discover useful information from our support articles and videos on how to set up and manage your account from -.

Webmail • With Webmail you can access sent to your domain almost anywhere in the world. •

Most sent through the – Servers is forwarded to other providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. As this is a shared service…

– Webmail is an advanced solution that simplifies your difficult life by helping you to manage all of your day-to-day activities from one central and easily accessible location.

’s Marketing tool allows you to do just that.

This article will explain what Forwarding is and show you how to set it up using your control panel. If you are looking for a specific aspect of Forwarding…

Now enter imap.-.co.uk into the Incoming server field and smtp.-.co.uk into the outgoing

Your domain’s nameservers could be one of the reasons why you are having trouble with your on ‘- webmail’, so let’s check to see they are set up correctly.

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