123-reg domain transfer



A collection of articles explaining name and statuses with -.

third party names to -. Understanding . Why was my canceled?

To a TLD name away from -, you will need to follow these instructions: Your Authorisation/EPP code will be sent to the admin contact of the name.

Name prices. We sell some of the UK’s cheapest . . Find out how to move to . Privacy. Hide your details with private registrations. Generic top level . Get a distinctive extension that works for you.

Enter the name you wish to into the search box in your – control panel and order your (you will need a – account).

If you are your name from one of your – accounts into another, then this is called an ‘internal’ . You will see the ‘accept’ and ‘cancel’ options in the status section next to the name you are in.

Once this email has been replied to in the time scale specified by that registrar, the will be to , and you will be able to manage your in the . control panel. Checking the status of your .

At -.co.uk, we manage over 3 million . You can be sure your will be in good hands. And once your from 1&1 to – is complete, you’ll be able to use all the features in your control panel.

This allows you to your between different accounts – perfect if you want to hand over the management of a to a client, or another member of your business.

Web hosting outfit – has dismissed a number of complaints from disgruntled customers who are angry with the company’s sudden decision to abandon its promise to keep free on its service.