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Or maybe your – domain name is pointing to your web hosting provider’s nameservers, but you’ve now decided you want to fully manage your domain’s DNS in your – control panel. You can also your nameservers to a 3rd party provider’s settings.

So to your nameservers, log into your – control panel and click on ‘manage’ for the domain name you want to point to your website. Depending on what type of domain name you have, you may have to unlock it first.

– Webmail comes with the feature which will save the email address of any one you send to, or receive from, if they aren’t already in your contacts list.

I have my password, but now cannot send emails from my iPhone or iPad. POP3 Troubleshooting. How can I send and recieve emails when abroad?

Getting started with – webmail guide. How do I import a CSV file? How do I use the 123-mail InfoStore Feature?

When you’re ready to your nameservers, just click on ‘reset to – default’ to them to -’s nameservers. If you have decided to your nameservers to – then please be aware that these can take up to 48 hours to update.

For example the domain name –drupal-website.co.uk currently has the IPS TAG of -.

– are not able to make this for you, this will need to be done with the Governing Registry for the domain name. cannot make this , as a re-seller this is outside of our permitted responsibility.

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