123-reg change nameservers



So to your , log into your – control panel and click on ‘manage’ for the domain you want to point to your website. Depending on what type of domain you have, you may have to unlock it first.

Enter your records, for example the – are: ns.-.co.uk and ns2.-.co.uk. Click on the button. 4. As explained in the What is DNS? section of this guide…

One of the advantages of registering your domain with – is that you are free to the to other hosts whenever you like. However, if you choose not to point to our , you won’t be able to use our web and email systems to configure your domain …

Once you’ve your to – you may need to map your domain to your website. Click the link to watch this video here and have a look at the steps for the second method to see how to map your domain to your 3rd party hosted website.

This -.co.uk platform also comes with thousands of templates, full root access and one click management. Bluehost has always been chwnge for me. They bring the down middle of the day and don’t even inform to users.

The -.co.uk are

In order to the on your .IT domain the be setup and resolving before you update the domain in your – user control panel. The .IT registry have the following requirements for which must be pre-configured

This article will explain what private are and how you can set up private on your – domain name.

If the domain is not pointed to the – , you will be unable to manage them from the – control panel. For more information on your please view the following article: How do I the for my domain ?

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