123-reg block email address



problems. Occasionally, someone who has sent you an may receive a message saying that a they sent you hasn’t been delivered.

A that shows you mean business. “We were on Gmail but switched to so we could match our domain. Now people instantly know we’re a serious business.”

IP certain IP from visiting your website.

forwarding is a service offer free of charge to all our customers. It means an sent to one can be bounced to another without being stored on our servers.

Login to – web in order to receive , if you can receive from our – web service this usually indicates a local issue with your network / computer or client.

Have a look in your ‘- control panel’. For the domain name that your is associated with, click on the ‘manage’ button.

With a mailbox from , you can create an that’s personalised to your domain so that you can easily send and receive . Here are the steps to follow to get your custom

It is only used to direct your to an existing like a Gmail, Yahoo or a Hotmail for example. To be specific you could set up contact@your—domain.com and have any sent to that sent to yourname@3rd-party–.com.

What is catch-all forwarding and how do I set it up? Catch-all forwarding is a great feature which comes with any domain name. It gives you the ability to forward all sent to your domain on to an of your choice.

The difference between forwarding and a – mailbox.